Online poker bots and why you should spot them fast

Online poker bots

Here’s how to recognize Agen Poker Online bots. Learn how to guess if you are playing against a bot rather than a real poker pro.

You might think that on an Agen Poker Online table it’s you and other similar to you gambling enthusiasts, but that’s not exactly the whole truth. As a matter of fact, on a poker table there are also poker bots. Bots are computerized “creatures” you cannot meet and talk to, but you will see more and more often in future. They appear in your messenger chat window giving you offers or asking you to vote in a contest. They also move around your internet activity in order to eventually appear in your mail box by giving you information you are supposed to require according to this activity. But they also appear as your opponents on a poker table. Should we be afraid of online poker bots?

By all means, playing against a computer isn’t a good experience at all. First of all, who actually compete with a computer? And second of all, who actually wants to do so? Some specialists claim that online poker bots are about to put an end to internet poker websites, but before speaking out so scary predictions, it is better to consider the ways we can spot them.  If avoiding poker bots, we might eventually chase them away by earmarking them as unwanted elements in online gambling.

Here are a couple of tips you can use to immediately catch out some suspicious poker activity, which might mean you are playing against a bot rather than against a real person like you:

  • What do not poker bots do unlike real human players? Poker bots usually never tilt or misplay a specific hand. Meanwhile, poker bots don’t get sick and tired of a certain tournament or even a poker game. Remember the last time you just got hit by a bomb thought that this isn’t your poker table for today’s mood of yours and you just left it with no logical reason. Well, poker bots don’t do that. They play until someone pushes a button to stop them playing.
  • A poker bot needs the same time to consider the next move unlike the punters, who sometimes, bluff, while in other cases just get destructed or find difficulties in making a fast decision. According to the specialists, regardless of the concrete situation on the poker table, the bot will make the next move in up to 3 seconds.
  • The poker bot simply never participates in the table live chat. And most of the experienced Agen Poker Online players eventually get a bit tired of mechanic play on the table, which is why they entertain by having a conversation. Well, the bot isn’t going either to like, or to dislike your joke in that poker table chat.
  • Checking out the different poker tables that are active right now in your favorite casino until your find the most suitable one is an old, but gold tactic. We all do that, including the bots. However, what bots do is to remain in all of those poker tables, while you just cannot afford to be sitting on such a big amount of tables at once.

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