Is there any difference between the slot machine and a video poker game?

slot machine and a video poker game

See the differences between the video poker and the slot online games. Find out more about the factors we distinguish these games by.

A lot of people play slot machines. And a lot of poker lovers prefer to play video poker games, when it comes to slot-like gambling experience. It’s logical. Video poker games and slot machines are indeed quite alike. In many websites with slot online offers they are even listed in the same section. In both of these casino game types luck is the main factor for a win. Hence, they also both require from you to have a particular strategy. The strategy making is actually one of the most general differences in the approach of playing these two similar casino games. What are the other differences between a slot machine and the video poker?

Let’s find out right away!

  1. The decision making in a slot machine require from you only to select a concrete game and then, enter a concrete bet size. On the other side, in video poker you have much more to consider, including whether to count on the hand as a potentially wining one.
  2. The ability to win in video poker is also quite more difficult in comparison to the slot game experience. The variance is the key factor you should consider. On the other side, in a slot game you literally have a couple of chances to get some income per one single session.
  3. Do these two first differences, then, lead to the conclusion that video poker is less profitable to be played rather than a slot machine? We actually don’t think so. And it’s because of the next difference between a slot machine and a video poker game. It’s the difference in the RTP rates. The video poker games are mainly popular for being the gambling products with the highest RTP, which averagely reach up to 98%. On the other side, the average slot machine RTP is nearly 96%.
  4. The slot machines, though, come with one specific benefit that video poker games might not be possible to achieve. It’s the wide range of versions. Indeed, the gambling world today knows thousands of different slot games depending on their themes and not only. We also classify the slot machines depending on the jackpot types they have. There’s a classical slot machine jackpot, as well as a progressive jackpot slot game.
  5. The entertainment level is a factor that a lot of the experts point out as a main difference between the video poker and the slot machine. According to them, slot machines are funnier. However, we cannot agree with that at a full value as there are a lot of gamblers who have never played a slot machine game, but instead, count only on video poker experience in their casino activity.

What do you prefer more – a slot machine or a video poker game? In both cases and with a good strategy you can get rich if playing any of them.

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